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Psychedelics For Depression: How Does It Work?

Psychedelics themselves don’t cure depression. The real cure comes from the deep, personal insights gained during the experience. These insights change the way we think (unconsciously), which permeates into higher cognitive centers and alters our brain chemistry.

This explains why psychedelics are so effective at treating depression after just a single session — compared to the weeks, months, or years needed with chemical antidepressants.

Mystical or “peak” experiences are characterized by feelings of deep spiritual, existential, transformative, and transpersonal awareness.

These experiences often result in insights that lead to a distinct shift in one’s ontological position of the world. 

Studies have shown that up to 86% of people who have used psychedelics in a therapeutic setting claim the experience to be within the top five most meaningful experiences of their lifetime [13].

Common themes of mystical experiences include: 

  • Encounters with “supernatural” beings
  • Comprehension of spacial and temporal vastness
  • Experiences of an “ultimate reality”
  • A sense that all things are connected (unitive experience, non-dual states)